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samedi, juin 30, 2007

♥ ): it's time to return

[edited on 30th june]
it's time to return to Him.
was reading aaron's blog's entry and he wrote smth about mrs. leicester. heard the details from melody.
she's our batik instructor for our O level FYP. we would alw gossip about her around the basin of wax while doing batik, whenever she turns up late or praises students from other schools. she can never remember our names. so she will alw call us by our topic. "insect boy", "leopard boy", "bicycle girl", "butterfly girl", etc. we will always plan to scratch her car after our coursework is done, and gopal's car is included. lol. didn't know that she was going thru some health problems since last year. still rmb-ed we were criticising her that she went to america to deliver her daughter's baby for more than a month!
the liver transplant operation she went thru on wed night was a success. but it got rejected the next day and she fell into unconsciousness since then. she was admitted to the ICU and never woke up. who would have tot that she will just leave like this? imagine dying just like that, not in time to tell your loved ones you love them, not in time to repent of your sins. she just went to st. hilda's last thursday to help the N and O level batik students. she was still well that day! however, we believed that she has left a legacy behind. (: all the students that she had once taught and even teaching now. in TJC, SMSS, SHSS, etc. she's gonna be remembered by us (:
she had really helped me a lot in my batik. really a lot. i was expecting a lousy grade for art, B4 is alr very good for my standard! (: it's really thanks to this instructor. right now, we have not only lost an art instructor, we lost a mentor and most of all, a friend.
it's time to return to God's side.
her wake is on monday, at holy trinity church at 1pm. going to be cremated at 4:30pm.

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