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vendredi, août 31, 2007

♥ movie movie

(: yay! watched ratatouille and evan almighty yesterday! :) good laugh, but not really worth your money if u have high expectations. the rat show was a little unrealistic, cos imagine if that rat would die one day, what would happen to the shop la. but since this is just an animation, i should just enjoy the movie! evan almighty was really a funny show. with the pandas, polar bears, giraffes and many other creatures (a pair each), animals lovers should watch!
went to SHSS this morning to celebrate t'chers' day :D met up with valerie and jiaying for breakfast in the morning before taking 293 to school~ went to school library to gossip with the auntie. LOL. den saw the performance, which was bleah. not nice at all. saw quite a no. of teachers again! mr gopal, ms yew, ms quah, mr k, mr ng ss and mdm mufeedah.. yeah, ms quah is still the HOD for mother tongue and she actually rmb-ed me! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD haha! and sadly she's leaving by the end of this year la. prolly to marry her "jin gui"! haha~ and i finally went to ask mdm mufeedah about blah3 and she was really shocked! flabbergasted! D: as if i was a psychic to know her that well. hahaha! her reaction was exactly like what someone told me! LOL. shhhh. not supposed to tell anyone de :)
den after that went for veron's lecture. nope, she's not giving the lecture, it's her class. so i kaypo. haha.

her lecture! it was a little boring, thanks to the snacks bot at the vending machine, i managed to stay awake for the first half of the lecture. den 2nd half, just sleep la. the lecturer is really boring! :(

anw, i just realised smth! before a teacher or lecturer leaves the school for good (resign / retire / change career, etc) there will be a 180° change! they will become more attentive to ur doubts, help you to solve them, scold much lesser, and any other changes which teachers and lecturers usually won't do! haha. this is typed by experiences :) so if u notice any change in ur teachers, don't hesitate and ask them, and then learn to treasure them! if not it'll be too late. :( *pek!

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