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lundi, août 06, 2007

♥ studying at airport (:

(: went to airport to study this morning~ had breakfast at the staff canteen and was sitting at the almost same spot as the time i went studying with cleone and su ping last year, and making the same comment again . "we cannot study at the staff canteen leh" cos of the "studying is not allowed" sign. LOL. so decided to reminise the time and eat bee hoon noodle and drink soya bean again. den went to mac to look for nash and immediately recalled the times when the 3 of us pretended we were in sydney and venice. =/ LOL. den zul ariff and myself were checking out places to study, wanted to play trolley again but i scared they anyhow push me! ): went to T1 viewing mall to study in the end (: near popeyes! :P really mug like no one's business. until my brain so exhausted, wanted to zzz ):
sian. tmr need to go to sch at 9am for math, den idea presentation, den got mech test le. i don't like idea! ):
on the brighter side of life, after tmr, i'll be done with 3 modules (:
IDEA, oral comm and mechanics (: YAY!

wed got autoCAD test, den say bye bye to autoCAD module for this sem (:
den i'll be left with 3 more modules, electronics, fund math and thermofluids. =/

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