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mardi, octobre 02, 2007

♥ nursery, video, worship, dream machine, SPSU, nyaa, studies

nursery, video, worship, dream machine, SPSU, nyaa and studies.

c prog this morning was a boredom! esp during the 1st hour, cos it was really lecture lah. my lecturer just rant on and i almost dozed off, to lala land. ): and i'm pretty sure she saw me sleeping since i'm sitting infront. it was only after the lecture, den we had hands on practice which was much more fun la. den had CRS and had very early break :) whee. den was workshop practice! woah, was dreading for it initially cos i tot it'll be like D&T. and after today's class, den i realised that i'm very weak! ): as in the strength la. ooh den went for SPSU interview with cheryl! :D den i saw one of my GEMS classmate there too! (: coincidence!
and i overslept on the train on my way home, again. i must never sit on trains anymore!

research for an argumentative article for CRS
finish tutorials given for EM1
practice C prog since i'm lousy at those %d, %.lf, %c, etc.
ahh, i hate to be so hardworking *:p

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