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jeudi, octobre 04, 2007

♥ psychology class

had GEMS this morning. learnt more on temperaments. basically, there's 4 temperaments which i think ev'one is familiar with. the sanguine, choleric, melancholic and the phlegmatic.
sanguine is basically very outgoing, the extrovert, one who relies more on feelings, likes to live in the present, thus hardly plan anything in future.
choleric is also an extrovert, a good leader, one who is more rational, strong determination, sees challenges as stepping stone!
melancholic is introvert, analytically, one who also relies on feelings de.
phlegmatic is introvert, easy going, good to work with, rational thinking too!
we did some self-assessment and yes, my results is actually more on melancholic !
and so my lecturer was posting this qns to us. "is pilots the extrovert or the introvert ppl?" my ans was also extrovert, i think most ppl thinks the same way, but no, pilots are actually the introvert ppl! omg, it's based on BBC world studies. because the introvert ppl think alot, like i said, very analytical, thus they got this mindset "don't play play with lives". :)
haha~ timo and i did different stuffs for GEMS, so i think not all lecturers teach the same thing lo. workshop practice's lecture was a bore! but b4 that was more interesting :D heh
lunch at FC4, i smell... ):
den had c prog and i finally understand :) yes! a little more than tues. den had CD and we played this game lah. when there's 2 rows of ppl, and the objective was to move from our row to the other side. one only can move 1 seat forward, or jump 1 seat if there's space avail, and cannot move back. sounds familiar? haha, we were behaving like migrating wild geese (:

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