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mardi, décembre 11, 2007

♥ C++

woohoo! got back C++ practical result! 97/100!! whee!! yeah, didn't get 100 luh, dunno why also. CRS class postponed cos lecturer had stomach flu, *tou lan arh.. hahaha so we had early lunch and went to moberly, some played pool and foosball, others played lan ): after that was WP which is quite okay (: den went to sports hall! LOL class were playing badminton and soccer and "basketball". i really don't like sports luh, sad right. anything with ball - vb, bb, sb, cb, badminton, squash, tennis, etc. yes. i just don't like luh. it's a melancholic thing too =X anw, some really funny stuffs happened juz now.

1) the racket which chung han used, string in the centre area broke just after 1 game he played. like "WAH!"
2) timo was running for the shuttle court!!
3) james and weiming has the best teamwork in badminton!
usually will call out for each other to "catch" the ball, so this james was like.. "JAMES!!" to himself. wm was using the broken racket, so feisal and zul was telling him not to use cos it's spoilt, den wm was like "it's not the racket, it's the player :D " both won that round, then tat wm was like "see, i told you it's the player" and kena possessed by ronaldino or smth, and used his shirt to cover his face (like those typical soccer players luh)
4) ariff/henki (team) played until the shuttle court got stuck on the dunno where!
5) those playing basketball was hilarious!
cos the score post is bended for easy storage mah. den feisal's head went in the net. as in, when someone throws the ball, instead of dropping on the floor, it hits the person's head! den the person who hit will be the one under the net! LOL. damn funny la! den james was complaining that his head pain XD
6) everyone in my class can play badminton so well!! omg! i'm like a loser in that, haha!
7) i had a good laugh today!

okay i kinda regret making that option leh =/ don't wanna leave the class ):

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