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samedi, décembre 01, 2007


woah, 10 major stuffs which happened this week..

1) been trying to solve that darn rubik's cube, so far only halfway.. yes, it looks nerdy playing with that cube and i'll alw call whoever playing it "no life". who knows, i'm also playing it luh, it's super challenging in the beginning luh. and i've managed to influence cheryl too and she asked that for her bday gift, isn't it an inexpensive gift! she thinks for me afterall :)

2) mmsp and tjc performance. went to tjc performance on thurs and i must say the ppl there are so CIVILISED unlike poly students. serious, it's like a compare with MM day in oct. and then and fri, helped in MMSP and then the crowd was super rowdy. poly and JC students are worlds apart man.

3) got back EM1 paper, had 26/30!! whee!! first time i did the paper, straightaway 0 marks!

4) had a FOWA meeting on wed, wahh i think noe committee was smth like that luh. still need to wear lanyard and then committee only got 15 or lesser ppl nia. looks so =/ haha, i still wanna join GYL committee next year! HAHA!

5) went to do CIP hours for CD under Dream Machine today. woah, it's like super super cool. went to clean up an elderly's house. haha ;) darn fulfilling when u see the before and after results. haha! gonna help out next week again and get more CIP hours XD

6) smth real hilarious happened during e tech practical on friday. damn funny!! is like a censored joke LOL! den weiming was like "ahh my eyes!" haha, get the hint?

7) caught the enchanted on wed with veron! omg, so nice luh. i mean it's a happy ending. even though this will never happen in real life, but it's like the chicken soup for the single souls.

8) i've finally went to m(phosis in TM!! omg!! it's good and bad cos u'll see more and more kids wearing that same brand of footwear, when they shld had just stick to their billabong and ripway or whatever. and it's good that i dun hafta go all the way to citylink to get stuffs from there le! oh my, my next wish is that there'll be an everlast boutique in TM or T1 (Tampines 1) by next christmas~ (:

9) i haven't started on any projs or stuff yet! and there's CRS discussion cafe on tues, SP sports day on wed, c prog on thurs and FOWA meeting on mon which i haven't done anything yet ): AHH.

10) been facebooking as usual

that's all! tata~

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