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lundi, décembre 31, 2007

♥ new year

it's gonna be 2008 in just hours!! oh my, time really flies ): but i can't wait for 080808 (: HEH! it's such a nice date right *hints*

ahh new year resolutions again =/
1) closer walk with God
2) GPA >3.6
3) sleep early ev' night
4) earn money luh
5) exercise (as if)
6) don't use com/ lappy/ SP com lab so often ;P
7) prioritise time properly so that this new year will not pass "so quickly"
8) catch up with frens + make new frens (if i'm gg to TF)

yay, since it's 2008, and i love the no, 8, i shall stop at 8 resolutions (:


lots and lots of things happened in 2007. good and bad, happy, angry and sad times. but what i really enjoyed about 2007 is 2 impt things :)
1) learning that God really does wonders, just read posts from 2007.
2) made new and good friends (: in ETY, GYL, SP, SHSS. bestest budds (:

thank God for everything! merci beaucoup (:
1 more resolution: make an effort to really thank God for each brand new day.

oops, and here to wish gay a belated bday!
happy 20th birthday to Gary! (:
i called him at 12 plus that night, and he purposely wanted me to say happy birthday luh, though he didn't specifically mentioned "happy birthday". super thick skin ): heh.

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