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mardi, janvier 01, 2008

♥ 2008 is here

it's here. 2008 is here.
i rmb having silly thoughts long ago (when i was much younger) that i wanted to get married on 080808 cos it's my birthday (ha!) and it's such an auspicious date since there's 3 8's!! LOL, like crap, getting married at 18? one more 8!
i rmb in yr 2000 when family were commenting on Olympics Beijing 2008, which seemed so far away. and here is it! 080808 again! (:

last year/night watch night was totally different from past watch night services. it was the first time we ever count down for the arrival of the new year. it was in fact a new experience, like seriously. haha. it's was cool and exciting! (: i love the song about home. the prodigal son. "this is V..F..C, where my pastors love me, where they take all my money, to give to the needy. this is V..F..C, missions is priority, ....(can't rmb)" it's not only about the funny skit though it seems very advertorial, nor the song, it's about returning to Him.
God has indeed blessed my life so much in the past 17 years that i'm starting taking advantage of Him. by taking His glory.

A lot of stuffs happened in 2007. it was after the big O level, there were a lot of free time which i really thanked God for.
1) O results!
2) the 4 luggage - during edge
3) getting a bass guitar (:
4) JAE posting
5) synergiz 07 in VFC
6) laptop
7) indescribable; about God. realising that i'm so tiny yet he manages to see me.
8) SP orientation, a girl friend
9) favour for flagday
10) poly life; changing my atmosphere to fit into the environment.
11) caring for others (it was tough)
12) facing fear - during edge. esp when i felt really troubled that same day, about being intimidated.
13) seeing muhammad from IAG in SP MM!!
14) june church camp
15) youth encounter
16) POP in july (and 15,16,17, mentioned the same thing. i'm just amazed)
17) sem results

then pride starts creeping in. it's when i believed in myself more than Him. we should never do this. i'm gonna fall real hard this time. there's just so much that God has done for me. not only in studies.
You are good and Your love endures forever.
in 2008, i wanna be what you want me to be. cos i'm surrendering my life to You once again. teach and guide me, o Lord. shine for you.

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