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lundi, janvier 28, 2008

♥ C++

woohoo! i think today's paper can pass :) c programming!! :) hahaha!
left 1 more paper, e materials!! ahhhhhhhhh..
wed, thurs, fri, sat gg to school =/ ahhh.
anw, was thinking about my 10 weeks of holidays which is starting this wed (: i'm like real packed. is like, from now till CNY - 12th FEB, i'm free to go out and etc. 13feb onwards, got philippines training in school for 3 weeks, and then gg to philippines on march 8 to april 1. and GEMS sign up is that week =/ i want to go GEMS with friends!! must discuss mah.. and then hor i got FOWA camp the weekend before school starts, sian luh. holidays =/

on the happier side,
happy 20th birthday to desiree & xiaobai!
happy belated birthday to apple (: F18~ (27th Jan)

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