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jeudi, janvier 17, 2008

♥ last day of school

today's the last day of class!! GOSH so fast ): i mean besides taking exams tgt next 2 weeks, today is really the last official day we go for class together le!! and to mention about class, only 4 of us went for c programming. ali ariff zul and me. what? and buddy class (cos i stepped into the "wrong" class again - almost whole class (cos they also had test after that also). i really really dunno if taking TF is good or not. i mean, i will definitely miss this class man! argh. 2 semesters le. i dunno!! maybe i should write an appeal? =/ how how how? 1B23/1A23!! =X
anw met veron and her friend after my class today, den kinda went in search for shoes and bags. woah, her friend is good sia. anw after we walked a lot, we finally chanced upon a shop with shoes which attracted our attentions, furthermore, it was darn freaking cheap! i mean like 12bucks per pair, what more can i ask. i planning to get some stuffs after exam period! den call denise and cheryl along le!! :)
EXAMS ARE NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bye bye!! (to my GPA!)

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