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dimanche, février 10, 2008

♥ it runs in the family!

CNY day 3! went o'er to father's side for visitation. oh manz, height really runs in the family luh, except for 3 girls including me, ev'one is at least 1.7+m lo! i'm starting to wonder if i'm my dad's kid, LOL. no la, i juz got my mama height's genes (: eh, i haven't catch up w her yet. another funny thing which runs in the family. the word "standby". LOL. my auntie also says that when we were leaving for lunch. "ok ok ! standby standby". my pa also always says that. hahaha, anw, only visitation 1 home cos ev'one gathered at my uncle's place. holidays! yay~

on a happier side, 2 gals turned 18 today!
happy birthday to denise[GYL]!
happy birthday to hanhui[ETY]! (:

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