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vendredi, mai 09, 2008

♥ (:

=) some philippines gang joined NYAA! yay, we can do together~ can't rmb what stuffs happened, had been having long days from sat to thurs.
last sat - water baptism for 5 other net members! (:
sunday - nursery in morning, video + sound lunch treat, video in evening, dinner at changi!
mon - school luh
tues - school again
wed - school + lunch with philippines gang at FC3! den mtg with mr lim and chiong for french class at t21 ):
thurs - school till 2 plus, ocs mtg at 5 until 6 plus, discipling at 8 until 9 plus. slept at 12 plus ):
today - i'm starting to emo in school again ):

dinner at Botak Jones at Clementi b4 CSSC duty~

andrew's mom's bday w net (:

Joo Hong and Han Song's bday celebration at party world!

happy guys!

we re-light the candles many times just to catch this moment luh! xD

water baptism on sat at east coast park!

johann! =D

janelle! during nursery duty!

janelle again! =D

dinner at changi! satay!! okay, i juz rmb about the disown sister thingy... lol

SKYFLAKES!! the snack which ev'one is forced to eat in philippines!! it's surprisingly available in Singapore NTUC at an extorting price of SGD1.35 for 7 packets of biscuits. and it's made in philippines too...

practical in school

the process

mango jam bought from philippines! (: quite okay luh..

on the happier side of life~
happy 19th bday to zul
happy 18th bday to melissa (:

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