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jeudi, septembre 11, 2008

♥ GYL 2008

Returned from GYL camp 2008. i think my post last year is much more lively than this post, juz skip reading if possible. camp was on 7th Sept - 10th Sept. Sunday to Wednesday. the start of a melancholy post begins...

Day 1
Reached Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal at 7 plus in the morning. the feeling is totally different from last year. there's nothing for me to look forward this year, beside the end of the camp. ): instead of seeing gary and sean like last year, only 1 mbr from GYL camp was there. this time, i brought luggage bag so i can roll instead.
Jungle trekking in the afternoon, the same route as last year. teamwork, communication and encouragement is needed essentially. group 1 isn't too bad afterall~ in the evening, we had talks again. empathy and leadership qualities. indeed different from last year (: oh yea! 1 of my group mbr is actually a PK, so den, me and PK gathered in the night time to have fellowship~ cool huh!

Day 2
treasure hunt in the morning. we were supposed to find stuffs like, ant, lizards, roundest stone, smoothest stone, biggest flower, hermit crab and etc... omg, my group was so daring luh. we came up 2nd with a score of 44 (: heh.
Denise and i actually planned to cook up some excuse so we can skip the high elements on day 2 and 3(for her). my group has ard 4 ppl who are scared of heights. talk about hostage! ): gee. anw, i didn't skip high elements in the end. ms dora was the first lady to go up and finished the whole stages. super brave. so she was analyzing that stage 2 with e tyres were the toughest cos required hand muscles. siti went to do next and i was so inspired by her that after she did her flying fox, i decided to do and get over this high ropes stuffs. the first stage was the easiest and i was actually really scared by then. requires trust w team mbrs luh, cos they are the ones relaying you. in front of me was rahul and he did so fast, behind me was rin zhi (spelling?!) and she was really fast. after i got over with the 2nd stage, the most dreaded stage was next. it was juz ropes. ahh, i duno how to say but yeah, scared me. did super slowly actually. the last part of stage 3 has 2 dangling ropes on its own. feels like eternity man. walking on the log next was pretty easy (: the last stage was the flying fox! super scared of the first step, stayed there for at least 2-3 min lor. after making the 1st step to "jump", i realised that i was a coward at the top (: ha~ finally over! good job to those who managed to finish this high ropes! even though my group leader gave up 1/2way! LOL!
next in the evening was talks and presentations. and then we started our gala night performance. not too bad... supposed to do fellowship but cos of some stuffs, we kinda cancelled it.

Day 3
Paint Ball! wanted to play this last year but we didn't. i think cos i wasn't so active and i juz hid behind a tree so i didn't get to really appreciate the art of paint ball. LOL. ended very fast and so xue min and i went to sun tan~~ haha.. den i saw zhi hua and weijian at lunch!! cos EEE's GYL is on tues to fri, so we kinda clashed! cool huh, like 4 of us still can see each other in batam! jonathan, wei jian, zhi hua and me! LOL. den we had gala night prep. done real fast and i went back to watch teevee. hahah. gala night was next~ more performance this year~ hahaha. ended quite late too.

Day 4
woke up to see the sunrise, but from the jetty, cannot see properly cos sun rises from the other end of the beach. so walked ard and took millions of photos cos i was locked out of my room ): den i saw mr teng doing his morning walks. LOL. so in the end, i finally got to see the sunrise at that time. and we decided to have early breakfast (: so i was strolling back when i saw zhi hua literally jumping luh. LOL. went for breakfast and MM leaturers were commenting that EEE students very disciplined and etc. LOL. next was visit to orphanage. haha. played soccer, table tennis, scissors paper stone, fold paper cranes~ done by the groups. gee. next was to the megamall again. i didn't buy anything again, okay, i sound really tired now. i think i will re-edit in future. slept on the way back in the ferry, really tired sia. slept for only 3 hrs the previous night.

reflections and etc.
thank God for my group 1~ even though i can't rmb names, but i think ev'one did real good!
group 1:
leader/yueh lin - i think i kinda enjoyed his leadership cos we are quite slack de (: scared of height like most of us but the only one who gave up after 1 stage. at least he tried. i only rmb-ed on the last day. his shopping bill came up to 145K rupiah, den he wanted to pay w 50K rupiah. aiya, very troublesome to pay in Ks!! ):

siti - most ra ra girl. very sporting and inspiring! does most of the work like in singing, shouting, cheering, presenting, etc..

aria (spelling!) - she's like siti! both super sporty and helpful de (:

tayzer - great job~ he tries to bring the group tgt too.. (:

chong kuan - i can't rmb which person cos he's so quiet luh... i only hear him talk like, i dunno how many sentence luh.. not bad la~

kuan pheng - speaks malay also, another of our translator during orphanage trip (:

mitchell - turns out to be denise's junior! LOL. cool stuffs do happen. yeah, another spontaneous person like siti~ hahaha, i think CASS and DMIT are really outstanding ppl luh!

many of the yr2 and 3 students! (: cos we're the ones who juz kept ranting non-stop!! super cool~

Jungle trekking
on the way back from jungle trekking
after high elements!
Gala night.
monkey doing sit-up!
at orphanage
at arcade.. cos we really got nothing to buy and do....

that's all (: gotta start my NYAA report....

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