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mardi, octobre 28, 2008

♥ high bus fares

i've been receiving msges and emails regarding the high bus fare petition. after reading the petition, i decided not to "vote" for it..
It is obviously unfair that SMRT and SBS charge polytechnic students adult fares while JC students only pay 45cents per trip. Are we not of the same age as JC students? Do we NOT travel as much as JC students do? Are our families any better off than theirs? The general answer is NO, Polytechnic students are in fact just average students. Yes, there are elder students who are already working and capable of supporting themselves, but they still hold a very much smaller percentage as compared to the young students fresh from secondary school. I do believe SMRT and SBS are smart enough to not make decisions based on stereotyping thinking, and i certainly do believe that they are capable of being fair and unbiased, so i take it this fare difference was due to negligence in decision discussion and making. A higher fare would very directly affect the students' moods about school, discouraging students from poorer families to continue with their studies. This could impact the Singaporean economy as the majority of people studying go to polytechnics after their O levels, and a high fare would discourage workers from coming back to polytechnics to upgrade themselves.

come on la, i totally agree that Polytechnic students shouldn't pay adult fare for transport and JC students get to pay 45 cents only. but i feel that the support abv isn't strong enough for me to support! JC are schools under MOE, Polytechnics are not. It is quite clear that only students from MOE gets the privilege because it's the Ministry. Poly students don't have to wear uniforms, lecturers don't take attendance, flexible school hours and much more yummy food in Poly! JCs can never afford to enjoy life like Poly. Unless Polytechnic students dun mind wearing school u and getting back into the "secondary school" mode - yes, including the adults who does part-time study. (WTH WANTS TO WEAR!)

paying 71 cents per short trip on the bus is really a chore, what more from Tampines to Dover = $1.69. even if i were to top up $10, it only can last for 3 days excluding bus trips! heart really ache at the amount spent. BUT at least SMRT and SBS introduced smth called the CONCESSION PASS which is a far more affordable price. both train and bus = $96 at most. i go to school for 21 days a month = $70 cash, but the train pass is only $45 and there's 4 free trips per day! bus trips are unlimited! how good can this be right! i'm not trying to promote concession pass now, but i believe that most students who live a distance from their Poly understand how important Concession Pass is. at least the government makes the effort to lighten the students load by introducing this. dun want to waste $$, choose a Poly near you. Want to go to good poly and a choice of your own, stop complaining about transport fees when u can afford to buy excessive things.

why not we just say, the standards of living is much higher these days. Just count your blessing, you'll soon be out of Polytechnics in the adulthood. By then, can consider doing a petition with the Poly Students paying adult fare yet having Concession Pass while adults dun have the same privilege.

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