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vendredi, décembre 05, 2008

♥ little nyonya

oh man! juz when i started enjoying watching little nyonya on channel 8 cos ou xuan's role is a deaf-mute, she has to die and she's acting as her daughter who can talk! >:(

had Pro-E test on tues, could finish the paper in ard 1 hour surprising, and lecturer was kinda surprised that our class did so fast~ oh well, hope i can score for it cos i got back my tutorial assignment and only had 70% ):

had GEMS - french presentation on wed. wah, i did last min work again sia. procrastinator. my ppt was extremely wordy, even i didn't like it but didn't wanna split the slides cos i tot there's too many slides - 19 for 3 of us. turned out that got 1 of the grp had 41 slides for 4 of them. OMG.

had thermo test juz now, our lecturer super good la. he actually helped me with the steam table qns which he did so for a number of the class. i tot it was a test! =D it is, but he helped xD

had CNC turning test on monday, did a couple of qns wrongly ): darn emo. to make things worse, i had mechanics test the next lesson. i completely forgot whatever i had studied and learnt for topic 2. nearly cried while doing the test. haiz.

2 projects to do!! =/ PLC mini project and CNC turning written report.
and on the worse side of my study life, i only realised today tat my grp's PBL ans seemed wrong to me. and my big mouth had been telling and assuring ev'one that the answer is 300+ m^3, and my group's ans is only 1.4m^3. ): GG la. 6% for math juz gone lidat, no A for math this semester.

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