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mardi, mars 24, 2009

♥ good week

had regional girls activity last wed night~ :)
NL's BBQ on thurs~ i guess this is the first NL activity i attended.. i used to give lame excuses to 'not go'..
Leaders' Retreat on fri & sat! followed by net & edge..
morning service on sun~
lots of stuffs happened~ leaders retreat was great except those parts when i dozed off during the sessions + alw gg to toilet b4 alter call!! :( learning how to do personal devotion really struck me. 'SOAP'... really need a book and pen this time...
net was awesome! really! God is working in this net! :)
driving today was alright~ hahaha... finally got a hang of driving~ though engine stalled 2 times (which is much better le! used to be nearly 5 times lor!) did almost the same stuffs today. 3 point turn, U-turn, left & right turn, and i finally know how to drive from upwards slope le! like finally, biting point and handbrake, etc!
ahhh really really scared.. i mean, i'm alr much more fortunate cos i've been a co-leader for 15 months alr.. a lot of prep and learning process, but why do i still feel scared... :( next fri 'officially'... time to be dependent on God!

4 more weeks! sch will reopen by then.... =/ oh no...

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