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jeudi, mars 19, 2009

♥ just for laugh

just for laugh!

I knew a girl that was so stupid that...
she called me to get my phone number.

she spent 20 minutes looking at the orange juice box
because it said 'concentrate'.

She put lipstick on her forehead
because she wanted to make up her mind.

She tried to put M&M's
in alphabetical order.

she sent me a fax
with a stamp on it.

she tried to drown a fish.

She thought a quarterback
was a refund

She tripped over a cordless phone

She took a ruler to bed
to see how long she slept.

She asked for a price check
at the dollar store.

She studied for
a blood test.

She thought Meow Mix was
a cd for cats.

She heard that 90% of all crimes occur around the home,
she moved.

When she missed the 44 bus,
she took 22 bus twice instead.

When she took you to the airport and saw a sign that said 'Airport left'
she turned around and went home.

She got locked in a grocery store
and starved to death.
i dunno if the jokes are trying to portray if girls are dumb but it's a better idea to change the 'she's to 'he's :)

edited again..
i just realised that Boys Before Flowers OST are so nice! their song titles are actually related.
eg, track 3 - Do You Know, a saxophone inst track 9 - I Know. [COOL!!]
track 6 - Starlight Tears, another inst track 12 - So Sad. [:(]
nice songs like track 8 - One More Time, not to forget, my fav tracks 1, 2 and 4! :)

and there's a BBF OST 2! :) great songs too!
esp track 3 & 4. haven't listened to all yet but it's such a good show luh! :) oh ya! i forgot to watch ep 21! and it's extended to ep 25!! :D

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