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vendredi, avril 10, 2009

♥ Good Friday

oh my! GOOD NEWS SINGAPORE today was amazing! :)
there was a Filipino service at 1-4pm this afternoon at SIS. i was so intrigued by the service/celebration cos i totally rmb-ed how i spent Good Friday last year! in Philippines! ;D ha! so even though i didn't go to Philippines this year, i kinda had a feel cos of the service, which made me feel Concepcion-y. LOL, if there's such a word. ha, anw, God was amazing today! totally! smth happened just 5 min before the Filippino service started! heng, everything was settled and cameramen and women rocks! :) ha! GNS was equally amazing, cos we were shocked that there were ppl queueing since 3:30pm! and SIS was really full! :) so cool, and definitely salvations and miracles happened! sicknesses cured, ppl healed instantly! oh my, something which i thought i'm never able to see. AHH, i rebuke all the disbelief!
2 more nights, DON'T MISS SUNDAY MORNING! COS PLANETSHAKERS COMING DOWN (: whee! first time i can finally see them! i hope i'm on Cam 5/6 (cos it's placed on the stage! ) hahahaha!
Happy Good Friday :) cos Jesus died for you & me!

crucified, laid behind the stone
you lived to die, rejected and alone
like a rose, trampled on the ground
you took the fall, and thought of me
above all

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