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mardi, avril 07, 2009

♥ new sch timetable

ahh.. time table is finally out... yeah, kinda late huh... but i just realised that it'd been edited!! argh..

mon: 9-5pm (5 lectures, 1 prac/tutorial) omt!
tues: 8-5pm (4 lectures, 2 tutorial) kill me....
wed: 9-12nn (1 tut, 1 lect) heng, can learn driving on that day :)
thurs: 10-5pm (2 prac, 1 tut) must wear shoes....
fri: 8-5pm (3 lectures, 1 prac/tut) worst, 4 hrs break altgt!!
shouldn't had taken 2 GEMS last sem! i could have spent my fri this sem on GEMS at 1-3pm luh... now i got 1 hr + 3 hr break! want to learn driving also cannot...
ev'day EXCEPT wed, ends at 5pm!! ahhh.... but good thing is, all the last periods are either practical OR tutorials! :) heng, not lectures... likely to end earlier mah~
having a swollen eye on my right... 8( eye look so small... must be watch too much drama :(
really got lotsa things to update, but i think i shld start packing my room soon... =/ super messy...

main note: net outreach last fri!! :) nervous la... ev'time like that...
GNS is this week! :)
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no greater honour,
than to bow and kneel before your throne

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