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samedi, juin 06, 2009

♥ holidays

dramatic week.. sch holidays are here! (:
whee! had simulation test paper back, 92/100! :) thank God!!! i hope the project is ok too..
ahhh... scared for TP luh... won't do well? ):
last week..
studied till1am on monday (hahaha) cos i needed to finish my assignments and etc to enjoy rest of the week.
tues - had CSW role play! omg, nervous like siao. but i think we didn't do that bad~ that night had caregroup till 10 plus, reached home at 11 plus! super tired.
wed - stats quiz, and i chiong to do Simulation report finish... driving at 1-3. den amos' farewell bbq at pam house until 11 plus.
thurs - hand in simulation assignment and QEM elearning thingy..
fri - net~

next week is gna be an "ahhhh" week..
mon - driving & pack room / study
tues - TP & emo-ing for rest of day =X
wed - SP experience, bbq?
thurs - help uma
fri - help uma / go out
sat - pack luggage, study, edge
sun - morning video, off to m'sia
mon-fri : YOUTH CAMP!! :)
sat-sun: church
mon-wed: cousin's house?
thurs/fri: mug w cheryl

mon - fri : MST!! 5 PAPERS!
sian sia. gona start mugging

happy 49th b'day ma! (:

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