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jeudi, juin 11, 2009

♥ update

lol lots of stuffs happened recently..
helped uma along w sis and nic. went to tamp building, PC fair, sakae sushi, geylang, swee lee, tpy, home. LOL. was "playing" with the lift in tamp and the escalators in marina square =x ehh, a small boy tripped over my slippers and then his mother stared at me, and small boy 'zhe(4)' me at the PC fair =/ the cool manager/(someone) gave us 10% discount at S.S. (: LOL!

helped out at SP Xperience from 7 plus to 5 plus =/ lol. perspired like hell sia. den went for cliff & his grandma's bday BBQ at SAF chalet at night. great food plus chalet :) hahaha.. ernest and cherie brought back the food, but it was really cute to see them behaving like that! lol..

TP! ): i was so nervous! feel so stupid now! i did a lot, a lot of stupid mistakes. had a new revelation that day. all the while, my safety check hasn't been done correctly. KNS, i go for 28 practical lessons and instructor never guide properly. in circuit: 6 parts. was scared of slope, S & crank course the most and i really thank God that i managed to pass thru those 3 well! it's really God's pair of hands and legs sia. cos the other 3 which i was super confident, screwed up adding to a total of 20 points :( fail lor. den my driving was bad. really really bad. made a lot of silly mistakes :( those kinda mistakes which i never encounter during normal driving. (like how the taxi driver behind me, turned right) really angry (with myself luh)! but the retest is really very long wait leh! SEPT!! 3 MONTHS OF WAITING AGAIN! >:( why did i not go for sch!! :( had mixed feelings for the whole day. really.

mon: studied in the morning, den driving. kns (come to think of it...) haiz..

sun: morning nursery! (: hahaha~

last sat: driving (kns again LOL), studied, edge.

last wed's BBQ farewell for Amos' enlistment.
it was meant to be a surprise for him. We pretended to have a net farewell bbq at pamelia's place, but we actually called up the other youths to ambush him..LOL. super funny cos he really didnt suspect anything! LOL. tricked him to drinking chilli seed coke, sprayed whipped cream on his hair, and punked him with 9-10 layers of wrapping papers + newpapers.

hahaha, kinda wordy and i really dun wna type on~ gee.. youth camp is coming =/ a part of me really wants to go for Church Camp instead cos of the (more free days avail) sermons and food and rooms! oh well.. been 2 years since i went for church camp and 2 1/2 yrs for youth camp! but at least i went for a couple of sch trips in return luh. heh! i hope i get to meet someone from SP in KL like how i met mr teng in malacca 2 yrs ago which was really cool!

ps: i really really need to start studying ):

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