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samedi, septembre 19, 2009

♥ Moonlight Resonance, fair lady

Just finished watching Moonlight Resonance, 溏心風暴之家好月圓!! ya, super out-dated =/

it's an indirect sequel of Heart of Greed, with mostly the same cast.. Different storyline this time. really an exciting an intriguing drama! from the 1st episode all the way to last episode is so good! better than any other dramas, didn't had the urge to skip any episodes and i finished watching in almost 3 days! best plot ever!! emotions really wild and lucky to watch it online rather than TV.. cos i cannot imagine having to watch 1 episode a day, it's a long wait! wah, chiong 10 episodes a night, last night chiong 20 episodes, i must be mad..

really felt all the emotions that was portrayed. the sadness, anger, and a lot more. i wanted to scream at the stepmother in the show at the last few episodes.. so pek chek to watch her scenes cos her role was really evil! they were all in the court and the stepmother told a lot of lies.. basically, that's why i was so angry.. but thankfully all Hong Kong dramas like to end things happily! (: 40epi x 42min = 1680min = 28 hours of your life is really well spent!

家好月圓慶中秋: very timely to watch this since Mooncake/Mid-Autumn Festival is juz round the corner! a must watch!

Still watching this korean drama: Take Care of the Young Lady~

Of the high-rolling top 'hot celebrities' of the wealthy upper class in Korea's high society, Kang Hye Na is the one desired by the men, feared and hated by the women. Being the only successor to the largest conglomerate company, Kang San Group, Kang Hye Na has both the looks and the background. She is the owner of the ‘Lady Castle’ and lives a ‘princess-like’ life with her servants. Until one day, out of pure coincidence, she comes across Seo Dong Chan who turns her life upside down. Not only does he make her do community service, he even kidnapped her... and now he's the new household manager!!! Even after stepping on him, crushing him and biting him, he still doesn't run away. She may have finally met her match..

it sub-consciously reminds me of Full House~ not too bad show for now.. only at epi 10 cos it's still broadcasting in Korea~

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