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jeudi, octobre 29, 2009

♥ stress

ahh, stress!!
there's a funeral at my void deck. gotta memorise the CLS route script for sat. hardly prepared the net lesson for tmr's cos new set of instructions. and i want to sleep now!
and lagi no internet on the sch computer + stuck in a 20°C room from 9am to 6pm everyday!! i need to bring 2 jackets tmr!! ): and i dun wanna bring laptop to sch! ):
no life + no life = extremely no life.
will post a real detailed post in future. i've typed out in sch on NotePad.
thank you Jesus for notepad and minesweeper and solitaire and freecell! (: the only 3 games i played, no FACEBOOKING at all! thank you Jesus again, i started early on my media fast! (:

and after Care & Share 2009, it's gonna be a new event: Banquet of Honour! it's basically to honour domestic helpers, blue collared workers (filipinos, bangladashi, china, Myanmarese , indians, sri lankans) it's happening on 12-15 Nov 2009. i hope there won't be any OT on those days cos i'm on video duty and i'm intending to sign up as food server on sat! :) pls God!

p.s. i just bot a new wireless mouse! it's for my sch cos i hate the cables and i alw press wrongly for my minesweeper.. zzz

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