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lundi, décembre 07, 2009

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okay, TP test is just 1 week away! i must pass this time round! if nt they will be changes for another retake and more money spent for the circuit :( Next Monday is the day! and Hallelujah! it's MDC off days~!!! :) so nicely placed! gotta wake up super early on monday cos got driving at 7:30am!! kinda pity my instructor cos he lives in Clementi!! LOL! he say near SP that area luh~ but i noe i will never get to see him near the west cos he's teaching in the east~! LOL.
hmm.. havent been playing mafia wars for more than 1 month! though not really first time doing it~ MST week now, so FC 4 is so crowded with SMAE students last min choing-ing again. LOL. so shocked to see that we got no space to sit luh.
anw, will update again soon~

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