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samedi, décembre 12, 2009

♥ things to do

Things to do:
1) Eat dinner cos i'm starving now! ):
2) Finish PPT cos i'm a loser and i cant design! [haf to do again cos change details] done!/div>
3) Some wisdom to do ticket designs cos i really dunno how to design even though i was an Art student. not applicable! :)
4) Church (which consist of a lot of things!! super lazy to spell out ev'thing), driving tmr!
5) Pass Traffic Police test on monday with score lesser than my O level results :) ha! indeed! 16 points!
6) Get my dear lappy to Funan IT Mall to do servicing, smth wrong with the FAN! and not only mine got this prob surprisingly! :) wait for 1-3 weeks for the part to arrive, gotta pay for labour cost which is $86 after GST <- got it within 1 DAY!! OMG!!
7) Maybe meet up for late lunch.. met up at TAMP 1; sushi tei
8) Buy bday gift for Esther on tues & go her place. done, bot bear with shirg (:
9) ahh, how to show the designs if my lappy is doing servicing?! ok, this shld be in point 3. not applicable~
10) just hope this month pass quickly. finally! :) 1 Jan 10!
11) wna watch that korean drama but scared no time! ): oh man! [deer meat! the links are broken, cant watch them !] still watching
12) most critical point: Don't play FB !! super waste time and make me procrastinate A LOT!!!!
13) read C++ MFC program!! stupid jo! must study!!! ahh! it's Visual C++.net!! ahh....

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