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mercredi, décembre 16, 2009

♥ update!

update! pics next round.
Supposed to reach school at 9am for SPYOG training but i woke up at 8:50 in the morning! reached sch at 11am in e end, juz nice for refreshment :) hahaa.. training until 1 plus, nearing 2 den head down to Pam's house with Cheryl for their FYP. cant resist not uploading her doggy pic! =D really cute!
wah, i think their proj is real cool luh -smth like changing Air to Water! omg, must head down to SPINNOVEX and see their actual product! den went to yishun for edge, but didn't send the Gideonites off that night! backside lah, cos my hp and laptop flat, felt very insecure lor. it's a stupid choice afterall.
Had morning video duty, terrible me is alw late for duty, i must change this bad habit!! i think Pastor Roy's sermon that morning was extremely good! 'Do you have room for Jesus?' or smth along the same line. When Mary was having labour, there wasn't any room available in the inns. and so Jesus was born in the manger.. He first came, and there was no room for him. at His 2nd coming, do you have room for Him this time? - really made me think tat moment... after service was a short carolling session and den chiong to driving for circuit.. Deer meat, i tot i was early cos my watch was 4:35pm (means 4:25pm cos 10 min fast) but it turned to be 5 min fast nia.. doesn't really affect luh, cos instructor reached after i reach.. then he was saying that circuit's parallel parking changed a little, there was an additional 6-inch kerb at the front of the parking slot. so that means we have to turn in later cos it's slightly narrow-er cmp to norm. so kept practising that parking slots for sun and mon. reached home ard 6 plus or 7, watched '爱' for a while and fell asleep on the sofa, was really tired. but woke up at 9 plus to bathe and zzz. lol.

TP test! really nervous during the whole "warm up". never felt so nervous in my whole TP tests b4. zzz. did mistakes too, esp driving that part. though instructor tried encouraging me to pass the test and save $$, didn't really work alot. wanted to pee so badly (which was a good sign cos i alw do well in whatever tests if i pee b4 the test. HAHA!) the TP officer was really encouraging too! first time in my 3 tests, i saw this kinda person. He was juz saying that we all can pass, and etc.. that even if we fail, it's ok. etc.. wah, felt so comforting after that lor! :) wasn't the first to be tested, neither the middle part. was finally the last few.. super nervous during the whole test (as seen from previous post.. zzz)
after TP, went to Funan IT Mall to service my laptop. the fan got problem, kept making noise and heats up very very fast. haiz. heng got warranty for the part but need to pay $86 for labour cost :( heart ache though. still didn't bring any $$ confidently lor. went home and then went for lunch at 3pm with Jem, Cleone and Jie in lieu of Jie's bday and my passing of TP! haha! saw others at TAMP 1 too, so went to sushi tei tgt. went to popular to get stuffs and head home! :) aiya, didn't got a chance to drive cos no drivers with me :( sian right.

woke up at 9 plus cos heading down to Esther's place for her bday. lol. funny thing is , i still dunno how old she is. LOL. :X came home and tried to watch the k drama but cant find the full episodes leh! sian. the end of watch k drama le..

back to school! zzz...

my parking wasn't bad ! =D

hahaha! but some stuffs happened on friday night! =X

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