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vendredi, décembre 11, 2009

♥ weekends

ahh.. another week has gone, not exactly though. 2.5 more days, which is super stress.
anyway, just watched 'A Christmas Carol' with cousins juz now! storyline was bleah but 3D effects was good! couldnt catch the story until almost the end. haiz, am i a loser or smth. haha, anyway gotta go for net soon and gotta edit Christmas Party's ticket designs. ahh. still need to go to sch tmr for SPYOG thing and thinking of gg to flea market tmr den go edge. sunday!! got morning video, discipling, carolling, christmas mtg?, driving. Monday!! DRIVING! ahh! super scared again. haiz. den maybe sending laptop to service centre. fan or HDD got prob sia. den tues gg to Esther bday party. LOL. and wed got sch and was thinking of gg BBQ at chalet but CG is on wed instead! ahh, spoil all my plans and etc. haiz. just need to rant on and on. oh! Temptation of a wife starts now! gonna watch (: update w photos soon! prolly next year? i dunno....
ahh and i'm kinda sian-ed for not updating for the month of Nov cos of media fast. i think those days in sch are one of the most (有起有落) kind la! haiz! i cant rmb what's been done le.. haiz..

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