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mercredi, février 17, 2010

♥ CNY break

i kena owned big time last week! ):
anw, had a surprise off day last fri! scared my ma when i got back home on fri afternoon.. spring cleaned my room all the way till sun 3:30am.. (with breaks in b/w like net, sleep, reunion dinner). had nursery duty that morning in church, only 4 babies with 4 nursery helpers and 2 parents.. haha, den went for visitation at the west~ first time saw my cousins (mom's side) all gathered at my ah ma's house! (: den drove up to Genting on Monday (no joke) super impromptu, but kinda wasted cos nothing to shop by the time we reached there, and i'm underage to enter Casino. zzz. reached S'pore at 2pm on Tues, went for visitation to pa's side.. Wed, today.. went to airport to send Madeline off, back to HK! now back home to chiong the assignment which Mr Leong gave. cos he said that we have a long weekend (which it's not true for me, but i gotta do it!!) zzz
back to prog, sayonara! :)

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