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dimanche, décembre 05, 2010

♥ The Edge Conference

the Edge conference wasn't bad, cant compare with last years' cos i didn't go! haha, but i think the workshops are really practical. particularly liked day 2 workshop by esther! :) something about being effective in Street Evangelism. and how to do personal devotion by carman on day 3! sessions were shared by Pastor Jeremy Seaward, Ps Jude Fouquier (2009's youth camp speaker!!) and Ps Henry Seeley (from Planetshakers!)
i mean it's not because of the speakers that's why i'm attending the conference but it's really a time to catch up with God. since i haven't been to net for 2 months since classes started, the edge services cos of stupid OTs, sunday services cos of duties, not attending LIW classes cos i've completed up to level 4 alr, what else to take besides retaking ev'thing. haven't been very disciplined to do my personal devotions too. so there's no spiritual intake and sometimes it gets really really really dry. weary, heavy laden, tired and just feel like giving up. but i need to PRESS ON!
- -
anw Cleone just sent me and jie something from Tunisia for Christmas!! will take your note very seriously too! :D
and just 9 more days!!!!!!!! i can officially drive a car / lorry without the Probation Plate!! :D
and i attempted using the Polaroid Films which i ordered from the Impossible Shop but the photos came out very very fail :( $34/box including shipment and there's only 8 film avail! i tested with 2 pieces = $8 at least :(
and i just realised this afternoon that i've pre exam workshop on 10 Dec which is my last day of work!!! :( i still need to rush down from sch on my last day of work! why?!! :(

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