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dimanche, janvier 23, 2011

♥ Melbourne Day 4

Today's a day of change. Moved from Medina Grand Apt to Rydges Bell City. It's like a 天 and a 地 lor... Medina's was more of an apartment, with living room, dining table, bedroom, kitchen, washing machine, etc. Bell City only had queen size bed, mini kitchen, table and 2 chairs, bathroom. Ya pretty much like that nia...

Headed towards Northland Shopping Centre, which was closed by the time we reached (5:30pm) but the only encouragement was the internet service : $2 for 21 min! I mean I think it's better than having nothing..

Empty piece of land! Even pancake wanna play!

Went to dapao food at Dow Sing - a Chinese restaurant. Passable lah not fantastic..

Weather was sunny but chilly if there's such thing... Hot but cold cos of the wind!!
Slept ard 12 or 1 plus cos it was very hot under the comforters.. Zzz irony in life!

Hoho! Cute!

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