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mardi, mars 08, 2011

♥ SHSS facts

Haha! Was looking thru twitter and came upon #shssfacts ! Tweets about the sch, teachers, tie and socks, prime project, assembly, canteen and even the toilets!
Saw Tweets like "hearing Gopal say you are going to fail with your standard for O level arts. #shssfacts" Wahh! He told nearly half of my class the same thing! And even told me to drop Art n Design in Sec 3 meet the parents session!
"gopal saying the art students' works look like kindergarten work #shssfacts"
"#shssfacts you may get a teacher that looks like Hitler." I think the hitler they referring to is Gopal! Heh heh heh!
"Students always say that when Ong Lu Lu is married to Mr Loo her name will become Mrs Loo Lu Lu or Loo cube. #shssfacts" this is funny! But she's nt married to mr loo lah...
"Matchmaking Ong Lulu with Ng Song Seng. #shssfacts" we alw do that! Cos both are math tchers and had the fu qi xiang :X

Now, I'm still proud to say "once a hildan, always a hildan!" secondary school's really fun!

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