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mercredi, avril 20, 2011

♥ Cameras

"I believe skills 10% camera 40% lens 50%" - I seriously can't stop laughing at the person who thought of this! Definitely not me, I'm not dumb to say such things, oops!

Haha, ok.. To clarify the above statement a little, the scenario is like this. Someone brings along his D90 (yes, that DSLR) to a wedding and someone else decided to play and take photos, like a helpful person (it is not me arh..) and so after the actual person who owns the camera (note: I didn't mention any photographer word) uploaded the photos to Facebook, ppl commended like 5 out of 50 over pictures.

And den the helpful person commented smth like some photos she took wasn't bad!

Which was true judging on:
1) the person who owns the camera : his past albums b4 wedding, n even 1 year after the wedding, the photos he taken was really amateur (plus he took up courses b4 leh) n so I believed that he couldn't have taken photos of the better wedding photos..
2) the photos were nicely taken (kinda) was the beginning of the album, whereas the middle to ending sucks to the core :(
3) his understanding of camera is like slightly below average.. (sensitive to use 'low', later sekali like Tin PL's edu n healthcare) is obvious lah. When ppl tell u that u have no story behind ur photos, or share some tips on how to use ur camera, or teaches u some basic concept like background, focus, etc, he either never take heed or tried but failed.

Haha this looks more like I'm criticizing him den gg to the main point.. That helpful person (girl) got ironically shot back! Lol. Cos this person (guy) told her indirectly that it's not because she can take good photos, but it's the camera which does most work! By telling her that 10% skill 40% camera 50% lens means what sia! If the outcome of the photo is based 90% on e combination of camera and lens w 10% skills, I think I will wanna go manufacture camera bodies and lenses since photographers will cfm plus chop buy to be the best photographer lah! No logic right, that theory!

I dun play or own any DSLRs, but only those instant and films cameras. I still suck at Diana mini camera, but at least I still try! Film camera is different from DSLR, I still need to develop them n probably forget my mistakes after the photos are ready. whereas the latter is digital n you can spot ur mistakes like almost instantly! (better than a Polaroid lo!) at least I know what's basic framing, headroom, iris, gain, iso, white balacing, mf af of a camera! So I also know what is required when u take a photo.
Another thing I hear from ppl who takes photographs is that a software to edit photos is very important! If photo-taking skills sucks, improve on Photoshop skills!

I've learnt from these that
1) camera or lens aren't as important yet if u are still an entry level photo-taking lover. Can buy a basic first den slowly invest in the extra stuffs lah..
2) why buy a DSLR? Show off, take scenary shots, ppl close up shots, typical ppl group shots?! Get it clear first before buying it! I see ppl holding DSLR and den taking those photos which a DSLR is too good for, get it?
3) go for photo taking courses if u think ur photo sucks! No money or time? Den go library and borrow photography books and magazines! Like pls do, there are countless no of photography books you can find in bookshops too! Invest in these lah.
4) learn some photo editing skills! At least this could help to either cover up some flaws, add beauty to the photo or at least look more presentable ..
5) I watched a couple of YouTube video about 'Professional using Cheap cameras" and "noobs using professional cameras"
Basically an average woman played ard with d3s and her shots started improving cos she uds e concept and what to look out for. Yes, a better camera is just a bonus plus points.
Professional photographers using IPhone 3, minolta cameras! But their photos came out so chio lah! So this lies down to.... SKILL! 10% skills? I think 110% skills lor!

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