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lundi, avril 11, 2011

♥ Month of April

it's the month of april alr! 1/4 of the year has gone by and it's another 9 months b4 the end of 2011 and then comes year 2012 and then comes my graduation in 2013! HAHAHAH! i'm thinking too far lah, it's only my 2nd term and my exams are in exactly 4 weeks time! 9 and 12 May 2011! =/

well, something good to look forward before my exams is that Cleone is coming back to Singapore!!! :D yay! after 9 months away from home! aiyo, i really can't imagine leaving home, family and friends for a period of time. what more, to study overseas for 3 years plus! =/ haiz...
but on that same week when Cleone returns, one of my ex colleague will be flying back to India for good! :( sad... but it's also good for her cos she's needed to take care of her son.. haiz.. ok, i know what to get for her farewell gift alr.. - Bakkwa!! HAHHAHAHA those kinda mini vacuum packed - chicken and pork with or without chilli and cheese.. just thinking of these, i also feel shiok for her... hhahahaha..

okay, now i should feel stress for my project.. :( i only finished my Solid Mechanics 3 assignments.. i'm not done with Mechanical Design ASS-ignments YET! ): kthxbye! MSoffice finally working properly, i dunno why either.

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