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samedi, janvier 28, 2012

♥ SPOCS Gathering 2012

Just returned from SPOCS gathering! How i missed the team, and it's been nearly 2.5 yrs since we actually last meet up! =/ we headed down to Sakura International Buffet at Dhoby Ghaut for dinner and arcade and some coffee at cafe cartel... great catching up and hearing the usual nicknames.. Hahaha though really miss those times in Philippines, but still thank God for the wonderful memories! and and and, it was really hilarious when Chee Hoe actually mentioned that Ken was his foster brother! we were all shocked, like since when sia, so gum.. den we recalled the foster family incidents LOL! jessica and karen are actually my foster sisters! hahaha so funny and cute! this philippines trip bonded us like a big family! :)

Shall update on Aussie trip soon, though nothing much happened! :p

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