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lundi, février 13, 2012

♥ Live simply, so that others can simply live

Life's been pretty ok.. Classes started last week, 3 more terms and i'm done with studies!

Trying to make new commitments in my walk with God, sometimes it's so easy to say and not do it. Been at the evening services for the past 3 weeks, and the sermons were really good which spoke to my heart.

Last Sunday's (5th Feb) was shared by Pastor Guna Raman on a message called "Money No Enough". Thankfully i was literally doing video-ing that's why i actually paid attention to the sermon. One of main thing he mentioned was how money and greediness is actually an addiction. Like how we go climb higher for better qualities in life, and it's so hard to go back down cos of pride. Like how often we (in singapore esp) love to drinks starbucks, 'high' class coffee, but we'll never or seldom drink kopitiam coffee cos it can't be compared to the superb coffee at the mall. How we as humans are never satisfied with our stuffs, and want to get more and better things. Houses - 3 room, to 5 room, to condo, to landed property, etc. Yes, it's true that we would thank God for the blessings that he had gave BUT are we spending His blessings correctly? Like what the pastor mentioned, the greatest man is the man who is very rich but is humble. they won't flaunt their riches. how he ended the sermon with this statement "Live Simply, so that others can Simply Live." // Gosh, hit me hard. i have to admit that i'm a spendthrift and will never go for less, cos i believed in "Why settle for less, when you've experienced the best?" statement. But cos of pride and wanna stand out from others, I don't wanna be like others. This sermon really taught me how to handle my money properly, and the need to be humble!! cos i know that on the day i meet God, i need to be accountable for ev'thing that i have done.

Last night's sermon was also very good, shared by Pastor Jerry David. It was '6 different expressions of worship' although he only managed to share 3... hahaha.. we are all created for a purpose, and it's not to die. We are created to have fellowship with God, and to worship Him. How lifting our hands, clapping and shouting in our praise and worship is something that God desires cos it's a sign and acknowledgment of how we express our joy, and victory over the enemy. He shared on how we should come to church NOT for the songs, but for the worship. plus worship is not a preliminary to the Word, cos worship is an act of faith too! sometimes in life, we tend to have this kinda "when God moves, I shout!" attitude but what we shld do is "I shout, and God moves!" We should sing over our barrenness and it will flourish, not the other way round only. and the main thing is that worship should not only be done cos we are Pentecostal Christians, or Charismatic Christians. But because it is Biblical to worship Him this way!

It wasn't just the sermon that was good, the whole worship, prayer was real awesome.

// To Deserve - Bethany Live
Create in me a clean heart
And renew a right spirit in me
Cast me not away, O Lord
And take not thy Holy Spirit from me

With my hands lifted high
I will praise You as King
What have I done
To deserve a love like Yours
With our voices lifted high
We proclaim You as King
What have we done
To deserve a love like Yours

To deserve
To deserve
To deserve a love like Yours

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