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mardi, avril 24, 2012

♥ The Impossible Project Nigo Films

just tried The Impossible Project Nigo Films on my Polaroid One600, YES! IT LOOKS DARN GOOD!

Yes yes, the camera & the cover of the new pack film... you can never do this when it develops in real life cos you need to shield it the very moment it ejects.. :/

The initial 10 min of development.. was googling what the problem was, why so blue why so blue?! i thought it was cos i didn't leave it to cool to room temperature long enough (cos i left them in a fridge for storage else it will spoil??) anyway, the main thing is that you need to leave it to develop upside down all these while.. *Important rule*

after a good 30 min, the result is like the above! can't see it properly, will probably scan it asap..

ok, scanned! Sad. the scanner don't bring the actual colors to justice. sad ttm..

now now, i'm more skeptical of storing these films! :/ cost me $5.50 for just 1 film, i'm gonna make sure that i can keep it well lor! ok, now i kinda regretted not opening my films earlier! :) LOVING IT!
love how nice the colors of the frame is! though i'm kinda lucky to get black and white after this blue frame... BUT the colors on the film came out real good! away with stupid thinking! but it's super ex to get The Impossible Project films leh. :( and i have to admit, i'm still a little skeptical to get it from Singapore (can save my $20 shipment though) oh, but i got pioneer discount when i get it from TIP directly!

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