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vendredi, avril 13, 2012

♥ Just saying

I can't wait to use the Nigo films by the impossible project! But I'm still skeptical abt the results... Darn.. I dun wanna use it on the one600 cos I dunno how to insert the frog tongue in... Need to unscrew and etc, attempted just now.. I dun wanna use on Polaroid land cos it doesn't have flash n will be very ugly for night shots... Zzzz and I dun wanna waste my $30+ frog tongue on any cameras... Argh, can't stand myself thinking so much...

Oh, and how to store the camera if I haven't used 8 films finish... And the temperature n humidity level is super high, totally not ideal to even use / keep TIP stuffs unless u living in an air con room 24/7 lor. zzzzz just a simple thought of wanting to do use the Nigo films turned out to be a ranting post as usual...

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