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vendredi, juin 08, 2012

♥ Church camp day 3

Church camp day 3 is great with downs and ups... 06-06-12

Had a really bad time in e morning before my alarm rang this morning... Dreams or smth? But at a point of time, I actually saw 2 figures... My mom and pastor graydon (ikr, why?!) and then I woke up and smth happened again and I started singing 'awesome God' in the "dream"...

Anyway, today's schedule was breakfast, 2 sessions, and then free time all e way! (I love Wednesday's at church camp!!) was supposed to be on nursery duty but last min kena video. But still thank God that Amos and Justin was willing to do video!! (: so 2 of them rotate during the 4 hrs sessions (ended late..) so at one point of time I was struggling with "logical mind or listen to instructions above me" Wah, I mean I really see no logic in doing whatever I was instructed to do, like really... But I still listened to instructions instead , and suddenly rmb who I "saw" in my dreams this morning.... Maybe it makes no sense here, but I dont think I wanna write evthing here...

Sessions were from Pastor Benny Prescott and Pastor Sergio!! Great word from both man of God.. Pastor Sergio was talking about the heart revolutionist- live love lead from the heart..

After sessions, we had lunch as a youth region at BTS, ordered pizza from papa roti (can't rmb!!) and drinks from cold storage.. Spent only RM10 for food and RM3 for drinks..

After lunch, some of us - Shaun, Joshua, isaac, Joshua, Joel, Esther, Rachel, James, justin, Rebecca and myself went to Sungei Wang to shop.. Really darn big sia, but it was super messy, no directories or anything. U can say its like Far East Plaza... #truth clothes also like those kinda typical Korea clothing. Some can't try, some too expensive.. All I got was from FOS again! :/

After shopping, we had dinner somewhere - brought by Joshua Y's m'sian frens! The food that I bought was okok.. We all wanted to have A&W after dinner but .. It relocated, all the way to near Chinatown sia.... So we juz drank Mcdonalds milk shake.. Lol.. And then we headed back to e BTS for worship before heading to Sky hotel... Haha.. I am going start to complain about the distance from BTS to sky again....

That roughly sums up my day 3!

P/S. happy birthday to my mama!!

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