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samedi, juin 09, 2012

♥ Church camp day 4

Church camp day 4 was super chiong sia.. 07-06-12

breakfast and worship in e morning..
We had a session with Benny Prescott before he left for Melbourne, and then another session with Pastor Sergio before he also leave for Melbourne (they have a conference in Melbourne bah..) and lunch was provided.. (: yummy...

What pastor Sergio shared was about "swimming w the sinners".. He talked a lot on how we should build our church and it convicted me a lot.
He was talking about the 4 stages of a church.
1- family stage ( the kiddy pool stage) how we noe everyone and how comfortable all of us are w everyone. Prolly is the life group stage in the past...
2) team stage (waist level stage) when the church starts getting a little stricter, like how we all started with the G12 thing.. And how ppl with gift and talents are supposed to be chosen for ministries... When ppl gets angry at such thoughts, we know that the spirit of anger, selfishness, ego and pride is tearing them down, that's when ppl gets unhappy and leaves church...
3) army stage (slightly deeper liao) when every ministries becomes a department or a church on its own to reach out to ppl. This is where we can get more fishes too... I think our church is still struggling with the transition of stage 2 and stage 3. We are still stuck lah..
4) nation stage ( the part where u really go out and swim!!!) this is the desired stage.. Going out and gathering the fishes! No longer come-and-see but go-and-tell.. We the church need to be united with 1 heart, 1 soul and 1 mind. Unity is strength, we dun say it for fun but there is really strength when all of us are united.
But the main thing. It all boils down to the heart!
I felt so ashamed of myself cos I'm subconsciously loving the family stage but unwilling to get up to the army stage.
It was a really good word from Pastor Sergio that I couldn't even tweet at all!!

Shopping again with clarissa and rebecca at BTS!! We conquered from G to level 5.. Browse thru level 6 cos feet were very tired liao... Lol..

Dinner provided before going for session! We were all wondering who the speaker will be since the main 2 speakers left KL alr (so sad..) it turned out to be the atcem lecturer - Tony Foster ! Super funny sia, even though his voice was quite low, I still understand and not fall asleep...

After session, was debating hard if I should head back or go supper with 5/6 youth. I alw wanted to eat satay lah, very bu gan xin if I never eat lor! So I went anyway, thought of staying in BTS w parents but I haven't packed my luggage leh.. Sian ji pua.. Anyway, the food was really good! I regretted for being so shy and eat so little.. :( heh plus it's quite cheap , 10 sticks / RM 7 .. Orh lua small - RM12.. Super good.. But the bad thing? It's the last night......

Reached back hotel slightly after 12mn, bathed and packed up before heading to sleep at 2am... But... Reg 1/2 ppl just came back at that time and made super lots of noise!!!!!!!!!! Ringing bell non stop, knocking on door like siao, gathering out of our room... Tsk! To make things worse, the room next to us talked so loud and more boys went to their room and made a din.. Tsk TTM.... Lol... How to sleep w peace....

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