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mercredi, septembre 12, 2012

♥ School term break

In prep for my sis' wedding this Nov, I've made up my mind to clean the room and my junk once I'm done with my term (ie 31 aug onwards)

There is just so much things to throw, give away, sell.

Comic Books - comprise of Chinese- Japanese manga & Archie comic books..

Gifts - those kind where ppl give gifts and you really have no use for it :(

Intending to give it to salvation army!

Still trying to sell my Polaroid Camera! Black one, SX70 unfoldable.

Toys? Dunno to throw or just leave it there. :/

So many things to do!
Maybe once I'm done, will show the awesome outcome / difference! #confident

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oh yeah, i sent my macbook pro for repair again on 1 Sept.. LOL.. fail sia..
the lady happily told me "9 days b4 warranty ends! :)" but i had AppleCare anyway..
They changed the logicboard for me.. so that distorted display will be solve, i guess..

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