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mardi, novembre 20, 2012

♥ 10.11.12 - First Wedding in our Family!

It's my sister's wedding just 2 saturdays ago, and they got married on 10th Nov, aka 10.11.12 ! Yeah, the couple had already decided since last Jan to marry on this date cos, the date is nice, 12.12.12 is on a tuesday = OUT, their BTO flat will be ready only in March 2013. :)

Ok, gonna bomb this post with photos. (Caption below ev' photo, just saying)

 a DIY photo album for them!

Night before their Wedding: the Groom, Bride and 2 jiemeix!

Papa and mummy veiled their daughter and posing for the camera!

Here comes the.... Groom! Weibo is the one who collects angpow from Cher Hao, else he's not allowed to pick the Bride up!

After paying Wei Bo (he's the xiao jiu zi), he needs to park the car.. of cos, we're living in a fine country :)

(Blood) Sisters! On the way to the Groom's house!

The groom driving a convertible BMW wor...

The 4 of us, Groom, Best Man, Maid of honor, Bride :)

Shiok, plus very good weather the whole day! it only rained ard 2-3pm! :) Thank God!!

Cher Hao's side! With his parents and his aunty & uncle!

Eating Tang-Yuan!

Tea Ceremony in KKMC [Kampong Kapor Methodist Church]

Sisters! After the tea ceremony, we started taking more pictures!

 Page Boy - Josiah, MOH - me, Bride, Flower Girl - Ashlia

 Parents veil again, this time round, it's for the Wedding Ceremony..

the 6 jiemeiz! :) had a good time tekaning the Groom and Brothers during the gatecrash-ing in the morning! :)
with the Bride! (groom was talking to someone!)

 with Jemima!!!

Ballroom at Civil Servant Club, Food from Qian Xi Lou! nice :P sedap :P

Reception at the Wedding Dinner! with Sook Yi, Madeline and Bride :)

Entering the ballroom :) nice ballroom without any pillars, serve delicious Chinese food, and great lighting effects! hahahaha

the VIP table, 20 pax!

The band (Cher Hao's friends) that sang and played the whole night~

Wedding Couple giving a Thank-You speech :)

Cousins! :) [i nv take any photos with other cousins :/]

 That's right.. menu for the night!

How can we ever forget, the adorable wedding favor ! there are golden stash bag tied on their necks actually, so it looks like superman with a cape, only thing, these are bears with golden cape filled with chocolates, YUM YUM.

Both families sending the couple off for their Honeymoon!

hahaha, so there were laughters, tears, promises made that day/ morning!
Some of the games the jiemeix came up and managed to tekan them with:
1. Dancing King - initially wanted them to dance along with Gangnam Style, but changed to... Cyndi Wang's Ai Ni! ikr, epic and super act cute!!

2. Julia - sorting out green and red beans, and... form her chinese name on A4 paper... HAHAHA!

3. Mambo Limbo - "How low can you go..." using bamboo pole, and getting them to go under! old boys cant do it!

4. Forfeits - HAHA, getting them to drink some disgusting drink made up of - Brinjal, Celery, Lady's Fingers. I'm not sure if the jiemeix got them to eat the suan-tian-ku-la, cos... the boys very terrible, purposely arrived half hour late!!!

5. Groom need to find the gate key in a pail filled with ice, cold water and tissue papers to confuse him!!

6. I was in the room with Sister, so how can i ever give up the tekan job! got him to sign this pledge / love contract! HAHA.. esp rule #5 : i will always do the household chores with you, and not complain! HAHA, he hesitated like what sia!! there were 10 rules, but of cos it's well balanced :) #trustme

7. Asking some stupid questions to get more angpow! :) "how many moles she has on her face?" "how many toys does she have on her bed?" HAHA, surprisingly he got the correct answer for the first qns but my sister and i knew that he will fail at the 2nd one... hahaha...

and we managed to Skype with Cleone! thank God for 3 hrs time difference, so our 7am was already her 10am! not too early for her :)

Even as i'm typing these, my sister and brother-in-law is already on the plane returning from their honeymoon! overdue post, but better than never posting :p

Was asking my father that night at the airport, how to call Cher Hao... HAHAHA, i duno what to call.. so it's either...
1. Brother Cher Hao
2. Cher Hao
3. Jie-Fu (since i call my sis, jiejie)

oh dear, i need time to adjust, i got little resilience!

oh yes, finally solved my blogspot mobile version thing. hate it when ppl click on the link, and it's the mobile version, brings no justice to the designer of the blogskin (not me lah) ! HAHA. ok bye.

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