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lundi, novembre 26, 2012

♥ Imperfect Man, Perfect God

Sigh. I used to over think, seek perfection, but now I don't. Sometimes I really wonder if it's a good or bad thing. Being complacent, sensitive and not looking ahead now. So confused. :(

Thankful for a perfect God to change this imperfect me.

Growing from strength to strength, changing us from glory to glory..

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zzzz, i can't help but miss my poly days! maybe that pays to be not in a local school? :/ miss all the camps, being so on for so many things, great classes and ppl, results and even the environment. i do not want to be political correct by saying, i should look forward and seize the present and make greater memories, cos it's easier said than done. i'm human, i struggle too.

had caregroup mtg on sunday afternoon, and it's really true, sometimes its the experiences (good or bad) that mould / form the character. on a side note, a very good point in the lesson - "We may not literally see God anywhere in the Bible, but we see His hands everywhere" woah, so true! from the very beginning!! my goodness, Noah and the Ark, Moses bringing the Israelites out and parting Red Sea, Joshua bringing them to the Promised Land, Sun stand still, Walls of Jericho falling down, even till the New Testament, sending Jesus to Earth and cleansing our sins through him, healing of the blind lame mute demon possessed, and much much more! We really see God's hands everywhere in the Bible, and not only that, even in our lives today. cos we know that we serve a God of yesterday, today and forever! ok, it seems that after i typed all these, i'm more affirmed! Re-turn (from CG Lesson again!) to Him. so true. Sometimes we just need to go back to the basics.

And since i'm in the mood of typing, i will mention more stuffs. i tried googling smth earlier on, it's "how to be a hypocrite" #ouch but yeah it's true. it turned out that Christians are the ones who are being labelled as hypocrite more than other ppl.. the websites i clicked on all were mentioning about Christians.. sometimes i feel that i behave like one, hate the feeling cos i know it's wrong. But anyway, i came to a website and this person was mentioning about the Pharisees and Matthew / Levi the tax collectors.. Woah, it became so real suddenly. Suddenly i see myself as the Pharisee, acting as if i know-it-all (just because of leadership / position in ministries), judging ppl, being proud of myself cos of achievements that i did through my own ability (LIEEEEEE)! but we see in the verses that Jesus came and asked Levi to follow Him (FYI, Levi is actually Matthew, the one who wrote the Gospel *according to Matthew (edit, i wrote wrongly earlier)) even though Levi is the tax collector! And that's cos Jesus came down not for the righteous, but to seek the lost. Sometimes, it's this little basic thing that we often forget. We overlook ppl's ability, we dont see how God sees, quick to judge and quick to be angry, in fact we lose the most important command that is - Love. without Love, i think whatever we do is useless.

"If I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal." - 1 Cor 13:1

Love God (with all your heart)
Love His Word (with all your mind)
Love His House (with all your soul)
Love the Lost (with all your strength)

Nov 29
zzzz, hate it that i have to keep everything to myself. hate it. (ouch, ok this probably means i cant keep secrets! lol) i mean, there's definitely some things you cant tell only 1 person unless that person really understand what you're going through. like, someone who you will talk to about school, or work, or home problems. now i miss my sister :( not being physically there to hear my rants. haha.
Ps Jerry David once shared during Evening Service (on 18th Nov) , some where along the line : have no best friend, else everyone will be second best (?). haha, super true sia.. it's probably cos of the labeling? :/

Jesus, please help me :( am i supposed to go through these... please help me to get through, not by my strength but by yours :(

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