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dimanche, décembre 02, 2012

♥ FYP 2

know what... i am so so dead for FYP 2... like yeah, dead... and i really mean it. project presentation due 3 Dec, Draft Report due 30 Nov. and here at 5am on 2 Dec, still doing the draft report. and it's still doing, not even finalising or anything good! and still got pre exam workshop at 9am-6pm later.

things to do:
2 dec:
attend PEW
finish report & email tcher!

3 dec:
Print Report & pass to teacher by noon
Do powerpoint slides (die! i really dunno what to talk abt! i really didnt do anything useful. so dead)

consequences of a procrastinator. zzzz. i believe i'm not the only one who does ev'thing at the last min...
2 Dec, 1150pm
mehhhhh i think i'm the last one to finish my report, it's way overdue and i'm still doing. ok, i am so dead, for real. :(
3 Dec, 230am
ahhhhh it's so tough, calculation part :( and i havent sleep since 1130pm 1 Dec, it's 230am 3 Dec...
Presentation starts at 4pm later, another 13.5 hrs.

things to do:
finish report & email tcher! (just for the sake of it!)
-print and bind report
do powerpoint slides -----> wah, i feel so pessimistic about this. like super duper lousy. it's like, i really dunno how i can survive the ordeal just by imagining it. (sounds so not-me, haha. but stress arhhhhhhh! hope i dun fall asleep, pee on my pants, screw up my FYP too badly)
3 Dec, 340am
not trying to delay time, but it's so so so so difficult to get answers! for real! ahhhhhhh, why did i procrastinate so much... i never learn my lesson, after 6 terms.... final term alr, still like that... haiz..
ha, i feel like i'm documenting it down sia. stress max! report not done! at the calculation part (still!!)
in e midst of doing ppt! so dead... :( 4pm PEW starts, leave home by 3pm? need to finish ppt by 2pm! I CAN DO IT! Dx still need to print report and collect my camera! :( ahhhhh.. just spent 5 min here. blahhhhh
4 Dec 1205am
as expected!! not good! my classmate kena meh for not doing a certain part, and den i realised that yes, i made the same mistake too. ie the calculations! for real. so now gotta re-do.. blame on my procrastinating self....
anw, i just realised that i only slept approx 12 hrs for the past 4 days (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon).... so tired, want to sleep liao...

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