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lundi, janvier 14, 2013

♥ 2 days & 1 night

haha, was watching the season 1 of 1N2D (cos i managed to download some episodes, phew!) and came across smth..

in Ep 232 - "Flash Trips" Photo Missions (to take a photo of the fleeting moment)
Lee Seung-gi: ducks in a group dance,
Kim Jong-min: family of 4 cranes,
Eun Ji-won: capture a rainbow,
Uhm Tae-woong: capture an Omega Sunrise,
Lee Su-geun: ocean of clouds at the peak of Mt. Taebaek

it's quite funny, KJM was supposed to take photos of family of 4 cranes - Red Crowned Cranes to be exact, only 2750 left on this Earth..
so they were saying that families usually travel in 2s (newly wed couple),
3s (2 parents, 1 child),
4s (2 parents, 2 children),
5s - cos they adopted abandoned cranes (they treasure family values too)

and then UTW mentioned this...
UTW: "But they say that Mandarin ducks cheat like crazy. Really..."
LSG: "Even though they are representative of newlyweds?"
UTW: "The male cheats a lot."
*thanks for your information....*

wahahaha! and so i googled, and it's kinda true! Cranes really travel together as a family but Mandarin Ducks do not! As in, they mate but after the female ducks gives birth, they fly away and the mummy ducks are left to take care of its babies.. for real.. *edit* OH, THE MALE DUCKS ACTUALLY LEAVES EVEN BEFORE THE EGGS ARE HATCHED! SO CRUEL AND MEAN, LIKE 1 NIGHT STAND SIAL! THE FEMALE DUCKS ARE LEFT BEHIND TO TAKE CARE OF THE BABIES ALL THE WAY!! that's why i cant understand why Chinese believes that Mandarin Ducks means long marriage la, blah.... but, cranes really do represent longevity! #iBelieve

When i get married, i will not use any pictures or whatever of mandarin ducks! that is really the worst way to actually wish a newly wed couple! #youknowwhatimean Red-Crowned Cranes, here i come!

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