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jeudi, janvier 03, 2013

♥ thoughts

zzzz never thought i will blog so much after that new year resolution post, that's 3 posts below... ok, this shall be my 670th post.

was looking through my camera / iPhoto on my MBP and just realised that i never uploaded much photos to facebook in 2012! as in, all the digital photos that i took, i never bothered uploading them. all i've been uploading / updating are the instant photos which, technically is a little hassle-free, just need to turn on parallels, on printer, on scanner app, scan and upload. whereas camera 's photos just looks horrible. HAHA. camera fault! the color just looks horrible.. lol..

and so this is a list of photos that i owe, to myself ok, not to anyone.
for 2012 luh, upload 2011 photos like a little too late huh..

1. [Jan] Melbourne solo trip! HAHA.
2. [April] Seoul Garden @ Marina Square - only upload instax as usual
3. [April] Togi Korean Restaurant - need to upload the food, super good and yummy!
4. [April] Planetshakers Service + Family Dinner
5. [May] MEDZ @ Orchard Central - only upload instax
church camp, july stuffs uploaded liao, so...
6. [Sept] Gladys & Chris' Wedding
arghhh i forgot to bring my camera(s) for Kevin & Hilda's Wedding + had SPOCS Gathering that night! sian ttm!!
7. [Sept] MOF @ Tamp 1? maybe...
8. [Oct] Orange Lantern @ Harbourfront Centre - only upload instax luh
Jie and Cher Hao's wedding uploaded liao..
9. [Nov] AV BBQ @ church carpark
10. [Nov] Papa's bday @ Sze Chuan Court
11. [Dec] Jie's bday
12. [Dec] Watami Jap Restaurant @ Junction 8
13. [Dec] Ichiban Sushi @ AMK Hub - only upload instax
14. [Dec] Xin Wang HK Cafe @ Northpoint
15. [Dec] Net Outreach
16. [Dec] Christmas Outreach
17. [Dec] Les Miserables (no instax with them!! :( )
18. [Dec] Thanksgiving
19. misc stuffs?

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