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dimanche, février 17, 2013

♥ just saying

So.. i guess everyone has given up on their New Year Resolutions? haha, with Chinese New Year just last week, i totally anticipated to fail in my resolutions. LOL. so to make up for these, i will not continue on with the resolutions. HAHA.

Oh, been downloading 'Level 7 Civil Servant' / '7th Grade Civil Servant', and decided to pia the current 8 episodes in the past 24 hrs. main reason - joo won. HAHA. ok, but this show is great, as compared to Bridal Mask, this storyline moves in a faster pace :) finally. 20 episodes drama, another 6 more weeks till the end!! :( so long. i really like this drama, and even the OST (what's new....)!!

have to admit that i didnt really like the lead actress initially, cos she looked weird.. like really, the nose and face just feels weird, but kinda got used to her face liao. zzz. anyway, was really LOL-ing while watching e show.. 2 reasons, it is really hilarious! like silly-funny.. and the other reason is cos... (zzzz really lazy to type out) in the show, this 2 were testing each other to prepare for the upcoming NIS (National ??) exam paper. and what came as a shock was... that joowon is actually someone smart in this show, not like his real self in 1N2D ! HAHA. such a good actor!! Uhm Tae Woong also acted in the 1st 4 episodes (v cameo indeed), his lines is so short, probably less than.. 20 sentences in this 4 episodes.. yea ikr, sad. and *spoiler* he died in ep 4. dang. ok, cant wait for ev fri / sat to download n watch!!

meanwhile, gotta wait till tues / wed for 1N2D videos since no more free SCV channels liao... (they gave for 4 days, eve - CNY day 3, which so happened to be a Sunday too! :))

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