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jeudi, février 21, 2013

♥ sick?

zzzz was feeling super uncomfortable since last night (approx 3am) and went to shower and sleep immediately. but had a super tough time tossing and turning to sleep cos certain part of my body felt super painful :( slept with fan switched off, windows open, with blanket and purposely slept on the harder side of my bed, but still couldnt sleep well. woke up a couple of times until at 8am, when i woke up to go to the toilet and drank some water, i had that horrible feeling at once.. merlion time... at least 3 times, and i was looking at my vomit (gross) and couldnt recognised what i ate the past 20 hrs.. lol.. contains rojak and apple (dinner) and some peas/corns/carrots (from lunch). gross. HA. but i'm having this smth-choke-in-throat feeling now. tried drinking sips of water, but cant get that feeling away..
indigestion! T.T

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