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samedi, juillet 27, 2013

♥ July

it's been a pretty packed month, but with activities with friends / church lah..

cos i'm quite lazy to type them out :p

thank God for his faithfulness and favor! :) and i learnt last week, that it's great to actually start off the morning with devotion > doing it at night! because at least you remember the Word you read a few hours ago as compare to the prev night.

farewell net gathering for Rebecca on Tues! Happy that she's heading for missions to Oecussi, East Timor (in fact she and the team are on the plane to Dili right now!) for 10 months - 1 year.

July is finally ending, will be on duty for work next week! so scary :/ lots of what-ifs hahaha.. i can't wait for the following week to arrive! :) - long weekend!! ok, it just struck me that i've been in the company for 2 months alr, will be my 9th week next week. time passes too fast! :/

ok, i really feel like dozing off and sleep for a while before heading to Sembawang later. woke up super early today to send the Oecussi Team off at the airport.

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