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vendredi, août 09, 2013

♥ August

I cant think of a better title, but I am so thankful to God for everything! It's not that nothing bad / terrible happened to me throughout past few months but "i choose PRAISE!" Something I finally apply from youth camp!

Had CR duty at work the previous week, and yeah, attempted to reach office between 645-7am that whole week. A whopping 40 - 50 min earlier than my usual 740-750pm.. but I'm still quite shocked that my colleagues will reach by 7am everyday and they live much further than me! I couldn't take it after a week, how can they tahan for everyday?!! Anyway, still want to be thankful to God for good colleagues who ceaselessly continued to help and guide me at work. Hahaha! They are really kind n helpful people. (:

It's been 2 months and a week, Sept 2 will be my last day of probation. Not exactly looking forward to that, I mean, boss would expect much more by then right. ok will try to do my best luh.
Something that tugs my heart since I started working, no lah, not finding a bf lah. But as my dept has a high turnover rate, everyone is interested in when you are leaving, hahaha! I did mentioned that I will stay here "for a while", to me is at least a year or 2, if I can tahan luh. But cos I always worry in the past, about going for missions for a year, and how tough it will be to leave the job for a year. It is true that you do not need a calling from God to go for missions, because it's already written in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) that everyone is supposed to go. My dad used to encourage us to go for missions after our studies, before start work, or before getting married. Cos you will not have much to worry as compare to a working, married adult. So, strangely, after I started working, this missions thing came to my mind a few times. As to which country to go to, I'm quite doubtful about it. But it's probably why God placed me in this company bah, I cannot understand what God has in store for me, but I'm gonna trust in Him!

And, yes. I have turned 23 years old yesterday. (: so many things to be thankful for, probably even when I was still a fetus (my mom nearly had a miscarriage when she had me) till now. Yeah, how dull your life would be without my existence haha! My family wanted to celebrate my bday on 8th (1st time in 23 years, my bday fall on a Public Holiday!!!),  but I alr had intentions of going for Day of His Power at Suntec Convection Centre. Ayyyy, for the past 18 years, my parents always go for that and celebrate my birthday on 9th lor, didn't know that my dad will be working and not go! #firsttime. I think it's my first time going for DOHP! Yeah, I was so convicted last night. It's not about the hype or people, but setting apart, consecrating your whole life to God. I'm gonna live differently from my 23rd birthday.

Yes, and thank you all for the birthday wishes, cards, gifts, makan, hugs and time. (Saying this in advanced too!! Cos I'm gonna receive more :p) haha! Will update in another post!

Oh yes, to end of the post. I've changed hp. I miss my awesome Motorola phone :( 2.5 years already, and still going strong. Yeah, but I need to sign a new contract alr, so brother "forced" me to get new phone. Boohoo.

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